SuccessMaker Help

If you're having trouble using SuccessMaker confirm that your computer meets these minimum specifications as well as installing the needed Internet browser plugins easily accessable from the links below.

Windows Minimum System Requirements Mac Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP (x86) with 1 GB RAM.  

Windows Vista, or 7 (x86) with 2 GB RAM

1.4 GHz Pentium processor

1 GB available disk space

Sound card, speakers/headphones, microphone

Internet Explorer 6+, Java, Adobe Flash

OS X 10.5, 10.6 (x86)

G4 1.4 GHz processor or Single Intel 1.5 GHz processor


1 GB available disk space

Sound card, speakers/headphones, microphone

Safari 3+ (x86), Java, Adobe Flash

Download and run the exe to install Browser Plugins for PC Download and run the exe to install Browser Plugins for Mac

 Click to Access SuccessMaker

Logging in and Assignments


1 - When on the SuccessMaker site (link is above and on school home pages), the student clicks on the critter group and logs in using their ID number as both the login and password

2 - Click on the specified assignment, as instructed by the teacher.  The selected assignment will run for 15-20 minutes, when completed the screen will return to "Assignment" 

 3 - Select another assignment, as needed

4 - Click on the LOG OUT button when finished

If you see a message saying that all licenses are in use, please wait 10 minutes then try to log in again.

If SuccessMaker is loading slowly or freezes check the Internet connection speed and cable. SuccessMaker works better using a network cable as wireless can be slow.  Try loggin out and back in again.