NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to ORS 294.426, that a meeting of the budget committee of the Morrow County School District will be held on the 11th day of May, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. for the purpose of receiving the budget message and budget document of the district for the fiscal year 2021-22. In response to the current health emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the District facilities are currently closed to the public and meetings are being held electronically.  The meeting will be available for viewing via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/284323342?pwd=MTdYYmM1eXhzSFVCZW1MQ214b1FTZz09

Public comment will be taken in written and phone-in format.  Written comments received by 5 pm on May 10, 2021 will be read during the public comment section of the meeting on May 11, 2021.  Comments by phone will be taken on a scheduled basis during the public comment section of the meeting on May 11, 2021.  Comments, both written and by phone, will be subject to a three minute limit per community member.  To schedule public comment, please provide your name, phone number, and address with the district via phone message at 541-966-3193, or email aaron.gosiak@imesd.k12.or.us.  Public comment must be scheduled no later than 5 pm on May 10, 2020.   

This is a public meeting where deliberations of the budget committee will take place and any person may appear and comment on proposed programs with the budget committee at that time.  A copy of the budget document will be available on-line at https://morrow.k12.or.us/ or obtained by mail on or after May 12, 2020 via email request to aaron.gosiak@imesd.k12.or.us or request via phone message to 541-966-3193.  Any person may provide comment at the meeting. 

This notice is also posted on the MCSD website at: https://morrow.k12.or.us/

Aaron Gosiak, Business Manager & Budget Officer

Dated April 21, 2021