Survey Results

Thank you to all who took the superintendent search survey.    Results will be proposed to the Board Monday, December 13, 2021.  

Proposed Qualities and Qualifications - Superintendent

*  Effective communication and listening skills

*  Background in teaching and building administration, preferably in small rural areas similar to Morrow County; instructional leader

*  High degree of integrity/honesty with strong core values; culturally competent; respectful of all groups

*  Puts KIDS first; is committed to serving all kids

 * Proven ability to make tough decisions when necessary and effectively communicate the reasons (transparency)

*  Ability to build and sustain strong, effective family/community partnerships that impact student success

*  Works well with others; strong collaborator that empowers students, staff, parents and community members; inspirational motivator

*  Understands Oregon school finance, demonstrates sound fiscal management and strong budgeting skills

*  Innovative visionary

*  Is personable/approachable while keeping an open mind; good sense of humor

*  Highly visible in our community and schools.